{we have a drip for that}

Everybody is a premium line of _functional tonics_ and _powdered packets_ that will {biohack} your body into feeling its best. So wherever you're coming up short, we got a drip for that.

Powered by plants and au natural, each drink is a dose of energy, focus, performance and mood boosting adaptogens, nootropics and minerals to optimize your day.

No fake sugars

Sale price£24.50
detox canned drink by everybody
Sale price£24.50
Sale price£24.50

"wtf are adaptogens?"

_Adaptogens_ are a plant or mushroom that helps the body cope with stress.

Like your therapist.

"what's a tonic?"

_Tonics_ are something that makes you feel better and restores health.

Unlike your ex.

{certified mood dealer}

Plants are natural biohackers with different functions to help you operate at your best, boost your mood, chill you out and help you focus. These are some of our favs:


Plant leafs that have natural caffeine (without the crash) and a ton of antioxidants


An amino acid found in tea that improves brain function (like focus) and reduces stress and anxiety


An herb with the trickiest spelling that helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression and increases strength


A root that improves brain function (like performance and memory), boosts moods and help with immunity


A wonder mineral that does literally everything - helps the body performance at peak, regulates the nervous system, boosts moods and decreases inflammation and more

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