{a drink for everybody}

Congratulations. If you’re reading this, you can consider yourself a _functional beverage enthusiast_, as we are going to show you what an actual functional drink should be - one that functions.


We wanted to make refreshing, healthy and enjoyable drinks that have functional properties for an elevated life. Some like to call it biohacking.

Adaptogenic tonics that will take care of every day concerns like needing some energy to get active, getting rid of brain fog to focus at work, get creative to create something unique, to recover your sore muscles after too many gym days or nursing a hangover from a 3-day bender - all using botanicals, adaptogens and nootropics (plants, vitamins and minerals).


Whether you're chilling on a beach, hanging at the office or sitting with a friend, Everybody has a drink that will optimize every body to the match the vibe you need to be at.

let's start with the basics

{what's a tonic}

_Tonics_ are something that makes you feel better and restores health by definition.

Our tonics do that, but specifically, they are: brewed teas, superherbs, spices and natural flavours that are high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins, minerals and micronutrients.

Non-carbonated, so you can drink them any time of day.

here's where we get technical

{WHAT THE F ARE botanicals, ADAPTOGENS and nootropics?}

The buzzwords that have been popping up everywhere and our single most common question.

For starters, they've been used for centuries in _Chinese and Ayurvedic_ healing, but are finally coming over here.

{the breakdown}


Botanicals are plant parts that are medicinal or therapeutic for your body.

Aka Mother Nature's pharmaceuticals.

They help with problems and preventative issues like inflammation, ageing and hydration.


Adaptogens are plants that help the body cope with physical, chemical or biological stressors by hacking the body’s cortisol levels, helping with stress and fatigue.

When you're stressed, your body goes through 3 stages: alarm, resistance, and exhaustion.

Adaptogens help us stay in the resistance phase longer and avoids crashing, leaving your nervous system a lot less anxious.


Nootropics are brain boosters in the form of natural (plants) or synthetic (chemical) supplements. They enhance cognitive functions like memory, attention, motivation, focus, mood, alertness and relaxation.

Nootropics are proven in boosting the brain function, as well as making the brain healthier by increasing the blood circulation with nutrients and oxygen to the brain.

The reaction gives us all of this:
More energy
Better communication
Less neurotoxins
More focused
Protected brain cells
Slower ageing

{the drip list}


For when you need to be focused af and grind some work out or get creative.  Focus is full of adaptogens and botanicals that will get your head right to improve your concentration and reduce any stress.


For when you need to get amp'd the f up physically and mentally, Energy is your bro. A non-carbonated, Yerba Mate-based drink, powered by natural caffeine, agaptogens and vitamins that's also a light, refreshing and overall feel good time.


So you've been having a little too much fun lately and your body hates you.  Detox is here to save the day by ditching the toxins and giving your liver a much needed break with anti-oxidants, anti-bacterials and anti-inflammatory adaptogens and minerals.

now for the juicy stuff

{our why}

We made Everybody for every body (and for us). For insane lifestyles.

You work hard, play hard and party hard and you need something quick and easy like a drink to grab and sip on to perform at your best at all times.

There are lots of functional drinks out there, but we're snobs for premium quality and suckers for great branding and we couldn't find any that had both. So we made it.

As entrepreneurs, we live to optimize our lives to get more shit done, to be more productive when we need to be productive, more focused when we need to be focused and more chill when we need to be chill.
As people, we live to enjoy life to its fullest and everything it has to offer.

And we know we're not alone.

more about us

{the drip culture}

"the ingredients"

Everybody's products are made with premium ingredients carefully selected to hack your day and give you a much needed functional boost.

"the vibes"

Everybody is more than a drink, it's an expression. It's the way you feel in your body. It's the way you move through this world. It's a mind x soul connection that makes you feel complete.

"the community"

Everybody is a brand that is inclusive of every body, not just health fanatics. The community is everyone that wants to feel physically and mentally great.

_thank you for coming to our ted talk_