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Cucumber / Lime

So you've been having a little too much fun lately and your body hates you.  Detox is here to save the day by ditching the toxins and giving your liver a much needed break with anti-oxidants, anti-bacterials and anti-inflammatory adaptogens and minerals. 

Ingredients: Green Tea, L-Theanine, Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Spirulina, Lemon Verbena, Vitamin B Blend, Zinc, Natural Flavours (Cucumber + Lime)

No sugar

Low cal



what's good

functional ingredients

green tea

For anti-oxidants, energy and detoxification.


For nutrients, detoxifying heavy metals and lowering blood pressure.

Milk Thistle

For liver and kidney detoxification and fighting inflammation.


For protecting against liver damage and fighting inflammation.

Lemon Verbena

For controlling appetite, weight loss and reducing stress.

Vitamin B

For energy, oxygen and breaking down amino acids.


For cellular repair, hormone regulation and for overall immunity.

The person who's been drinking and partying a bit too much lately.
The person who has a sick candy or chips addiction that can't quite quit.
The person who's been having troubles sleeping.
The person who doesn't get enough veggies because they're picky af.
The person who's feeling sluggish, fatigued, brain dead and not so hot.